Opening Opus

At the heart of Opening Opus is a strongly held respect for tradition and craft. This ethos drives our innovative, highly functional designs for adventurous families, as well as influencing the selection of materials we use. The countries we source from all share a longstanding heritage of authentic craftsmanship, which we proudly and passionately stand behind.

There is a fine balance between elegance and invention, and we believe that our products marry these two elements harmoniously. We also believe there should be a balance between creating luxury goods and environmental and social responsibility. We partner with ateliers, manufacturers, and organizations that share our consciousness.


Like so many other parents out there, I’m interested in smart, functional, and multi-purpose products that are made to last. That’s why I began Opening Opus – after struggling to find both a tasteful solution for an oft-tipping stroller and expand storage for my son’s and my own belongings in a safe, sleek, and hygienic fashion, I realized I needed to solve this conundrum on my own.

And so, I set about designing something that could balance my many needs. The Égale (French for equal) is a parent-inspired travel and stroller system constructed from water-resistant, antimicrobial, and dirt-repellant fabric. I trust you will find my design helpful – I like to think that less time stressing while balancing accoutrements just means more time to explore the world with our little ones.